Say ‘ hola ‘ to the future.


say hello to future your future is your life your past present or future . This is your life and I am sure you don’t want any one to interface . Because

that’s your life but that’s not our today’s topic let’s come to the point .

What you think about your future today I am sure something new. some plans are like sure for your future mean decided and something is that you need to plan you not any one else . Okey think for a minute who are the most important persons in your life is I am sure first one will be you second one parents and the most important your teacher.

Today is the teacher day starting of autumn and third a new plan what’s your today’s plan about your future but some day you will also say that was the past I am sure you can try it to. Never mind that depends on you that you take it easy like it should not be or may be or difficult that depends on your today life .

So you think about your past your parents think about your present and the person who make your way to the future thinks about your and your life that can be anyone not only a teacher.

So how ever life goes is  your present and however your thinking will go will be your future most important thing of today article here is a proverb in my mind which really exists .

Every star has a silver lining .

That’s all for today I hope this article helps you and maybe sort out your problems

Thanks ,




I think am tarot I am a day dreamer I am realistic I am not going to lose I have power I fight like a girl think like a man

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